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Just want some opinions on this

January 12th, 2018, 12:41 am

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Creator's Comments


January 12th, 2018, 1:23 am


The sheet looks bigger than it is because I outline all the techniques my character can perform, I hate this bullshit where everyone leaves it vague so everyone can just do whatever with their characters in terms of abilities, names also have meaning when you don't have 5 other moves with the same name that do the same thing. He can switch between trench knives and keyblade (tho i wont really introduce the keyblade till later in his own story.) like a stance change, needs to keep someone out, he'll use the keyblade. But if he's chasing someone down he'll use trench knives, mid-combo he could switch to make longer extensions, things like that. Kingdom hearts isn't the easiest style to do, especially for fist fighting, so I'm proud of how it came out, tho I did need Royle McCulloch to help me out, I wish I could do better with the faces on the fighting sprites but they came out alright. As far as abilities go the sheet is basically complete, I am planning on giving him the ability to summon turtles down the line, and give him a keyblade rider, which of course means armor, aside from that its just adding more poses so he seems more and more alive. Thoughts?


November 19th, 2019, 9:10 am



January 12th, 2018, 2:08 am


(TL;DR- I think you should change his hair! As far as why... that's what the post is for.)

Right now I think he looks too similar to Sora. By which I mean- if someone sees him running around, using a keyblade, they're gonna look at his hair and say "Hey, it's Sora! Why's he dressed like that? Ah well."

I'm not saying the use of a keyblade is a bad thing per se; more that the combination of his hair and his weapon evoke that immediate mental comparison. In fact, the hair is so distinctly "Sora"-esque that even if the keyblade were removed I'd still be inclined to say it's just Sora in a different outfit, no matter how many unique poses were there or how much effort was put into it!

Resemblance to other characters isn't necessarily a bad thing. A lot of designs take notes from other places, and several characters of my own design have very clear parts of their design where it's obvious that I looked at something- be it a character I liked or a dollmaker I used to come up with a concept or something else entirely- and made that a part of their design. The trick, I find, is making it so that it's not immediately obvious where those things came from. This is the reason a lot of Sonic sprite artists will make their hedgehog's quills different than what's already out there, or make their fox have only one tail- to give their creation that something that makes them stand out, or further separate them from the source material entirely.

The problem you've run into here, I think, is that Sora has such a unique and distinctive hairstyle that it's hard for me to look at these sprites and think of anything but him. The spritework is pretty solid (as far as I can tell when I'm tired anyway), and it's clear you've put a lot of thought into this- but I think there's a little more to do before you can call it a finished design. Changing up his hair- however you decide to do it- would do wonders to make him look like something besides "Sora in another outfit". Flatten his hair, make it even more spiky, make it longer, make it shorter, the specifics are up to you! I think it'll do a lot to make him feel like his own unique person, and not just an alternate costume for the keyblade hero himself.

Viewer's Thoughts


January 12th, 2018, 8:08 am


My main problem is the character's colors are too dark.
Any detail that's there besides some vague colors, I can't quiet tell. All the colors tend to blend when they are too dark or too light. My advice is to lighten up your pallet for each of your colors.


January 12th, 2018, 9:01 am


@Shard: See I think i was thinking this in the back of my head but didn't put it into words, But ultimately i'm not going to change the hair. I love the way it came out too much to me, it looks perfect. Though the mugshot doesn't help this comparison, i'm no good at making them. The real issue with the hair I feel, comes from the the poses where he's not looking being looked at from the left or right, i guess the 3d sprites, those look way too identical to sora, and i appreciate you pointing that out. I'll have to figure out some way to make those look better, I suck at those perspectives obviously. -.-'

@Salimus: Yeah a friend of mine pointed this out to me, he suggested adding something to contrast the dark, like a belt, which i may do eventually, but you're right, i'll start making the clothes brighter soon.

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