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Transformers Titanix first 3 sprites

December 19th, 2015, 4:59 pm

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December 19th, 2015, 5:32 pm


Hey it's been a while since I made a post here hasn't it? Well I've been working on some freelance work latley for a Lego Customizer supply shop. Been doing graphics for their own lines and haven't had much time to sprite for myself. So now that I'm between projects for the shop I decided to work on a few sprites of some ideas I've had since all the way back in 09.

Anyway I recently watched all the episodes of Beast Wars again and then watched Transformers Animated afterwards and wanted to at last do these.

Like I said I've had these in mind since 09 but at the time I hadn't the heart to do much nor the connection to the internet for what I had in mind back then. Which was a drawn comic.

As I've recently overcome my lack of confidence in my sprite skills I thought I'd try to make the sprites of my ideas.

So after that wall of text say hello to some Transformers Titanix ideas.

Sari Sumdac: Yup the little half cybertronian girl is back and while her eyes are blue in this she is still unaware of being half robot and human. I felt blue eyes just set better than her reddish brown ones. So yeah this is Sari as a 8 year old kid. She does have the key in this too.

Chaindash: My Autobot OC who transforms into a DMC 14 Delorean concept car. I made sure to not give him a name that already existed in the franchise and I really like the name he ended up with. I'm a little unsure on the sprites detail but thats mainly due to perspective.

Ironhide: The old war horse of the Autobots is here too. But with my twist to his earth mode. You'll see more with another oc of mine later down the line. Anyway I gave Ironhide a bit of a Littoral form as he transforms into a old Sentinel Steam Truck and all steam engines of this kind were made of Iron. I have two views of him here one with a autobrand and one with the label his altmode had when he scanned it.

So what do you think? I like how the sprites have gone and once I get the north facing of the altmodes done I'm going to start on the robot modes.

Oh before I forget I have a little thing to show you thats in the voting stages. I have a Lego set up for consideration to become a real set. But only if I get 10,000 votes so have a look and if you like it vote on it please.


October 23rd, 2019, 11:51 am


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