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Stuffs - RenFowl

August 1st, 2015, 1:46 am

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Creator's Comments

Ren Fowl,

August 1st, 2015, 1:46 am


Stuffs Amirite? This is most of the sprite work I've done in recent times. I proud to say everything on this page is custom work. I'd really love some criticism and advice on how to get better.


October 20th, 2019, 2:40 am


Viewer's Thoughts


August 1st, 2015, 12:25 pm


Not sure what the second one is but I think he look's pretty cool.


August 3rd, 2015, 4:26 am


i really like your designs here, theyre absolutely solid - especially the what i assume is a rabbit and the robot, theyre my favourite - but i am noticing a problem with your shading.

it all has very little contrast, and while on enlarged sprites it isnt as noticeable if you squint, colours still seem to blend together and you have to strain your eyes to make out the different shades. the only shades that seem dark enough to stand out are the outline shades.

and then a couple of minor nitpicks which are just opinions of mine

maybe its just the lack of contrast, but on some parts of the first two sprites, it feels like there isnt /enough/ shading, and the amount of the brightest colour(especially on the head of the echidna) feels like too much??? if that makes sense

and then on the first robot, the light on his left(our left) palm seems to be coming from the wrong lightsource, as everything else is coming from an upper right lightsource. i imagine that was just something you forgot to fix after copy-pasting it.

good work though!!! this is good stuff, and i hope to see more as you improve !

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