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Another Character of Mine

October 14th, 2012, 9:37 pm

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Frost The Wolf,

October 14th, 2012, 9:56 pm


This is another character that I got back to work on. His name is Lupus the Hedgewolf. Since I've been playing a Lot of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and can't wait for its sequel, Skylanders Giants, This character was born. He's Like a Skylander/Sonic OC. Anyways, I have a bio thats split into three parts, but part 3 mostly connects to the Fanfiction I've been writing, so I'll leave that out. Anyways, Here's the breakdown.

Name: Lupus
Age: 14
Species: Hedgewolf (Obviously... it says so.)
Abilities: Aura (Flames of Hope)

Explanation: Aura is known to be a Rare magic. It's a White fire that when it changes it's Color, changes it's power. It was never thought to have existed. The elements that Aura can present are infinite, but the problem is that not every element can be learned. The Elements are chosen depending on the Personality of the Wielder. In this Case, Lupus has access to the following.

-Flora/Fauna (Nature)

Despite what sounds like infinite power, there are Drawbacks. You can't switch immediately between elements and when you do, you have to wait 3 minutes before switching again. those 3 minutes an enemy can use to there advantage.

Okay *Takes deep breath* Now since that was explained, Here's Lupus's Bio.


Part 1: The First 7 years
Lupus is known as “Burning Hope”. When he was young, he was alone because his mother took her last breath when he drew his first and his father decided to go with her… to heaven. Around 5 years old, he ran away from the orphanage he stayed at and began living on his own. When he was 7, while he was traveling, he was often pushed around and beaten by bullies. It happened almost every day to him, just because he was different from everyone else. He lived like this for a while. On days of happiness, he was sad. Lupus felt like he wanted to disappear, so he can hide from the pain he received every day. But there was one thing that he had that they didn’t. He was born with control over Aura, the Fire of Life and with it; he decided to do something about them. While the bullies slept, he trained to his heart’s content, almost passing out in the Process. Six weeks later, he was ready to face them. The next morning, the bullies were actually surprised when Blu-Fire swirled around him and ended up fleeing. For the first time, Lupus felt confidence and courage in his life and went towards the towns exit. However, when he got there, he was greeted by Kaos and his minions as they tried to perform a siege on the town. With his new abilities at his side, he fought off the dark lord’s minions and sent him into retreat. He thought that no one saw his victory. However, one person did. That one person was no other than Spyro the Dragon, who was there on a mission and spellbound by the power and talent that Lupus displayed. Quickly, he told Master Eon of his heroism and he too, was amazed at what he was told. He wanted to see him; however, Lupus already left the town after his victory. Even though he prayed to somehow run into him, Spyro thought he wouldn’t be able to see him ever again.

Part 2: A prayer answered

It was 4 years after his first victory against Kaos and he still fights against him, but some questions clouded his mind. The main one was “What was a Skylander?” He’d been called that many times after his heroic efforts and he still didn’t have an answer for it. Everywhere he went, that question popped into his head. That questioned was answered back at his hometown, on his 11th birthday. At the time, two things we’re going on. The first way Lupus heading to his parent’s grave to mourn. The second was an Annual festival set up for the Skylanders to appreciate their hard work. Among the attendees at the festival we’re Spyro and the Portal Master of the Skylands, Eon. While the whole town was having fun and Games with their protectors, only Lupus was not in attendance. Out of all the happiness and joy, he was in pain and sorrow. When Eon noticed this, he approached him carefully and asked “Why are you in sorrow on a day of Happiness?” At first, Lupus was confused, thinking it was one of the local residents that knew what happened. Once he realized that it was someone else, He replied to the question by saying “Even though it’s my day of birth, it’s also the day where my parents died.” Eon was shocked to hear this; he never thought that someone his age had gone through pain and suffering so early in life. Then he spoke, “I feel sorry for your loss, I’m Eon, Portal Master of Skylands-”. He was interrupted when Kaos arrived to crash the party set up for the Skylanders. Eon saw this coming, but what he didn’t see coming was Lupus charging straight at his minions, destroying them with the abilities in Aura that he possessed. The Skylanders didn’t see it coming either, in shock and awe by the show that Lupus displayed. After sending Kaos into another retreat, Lupus turned around and saw an impressed Eon and Spyro, who noticed that the HedgeWolf that defeated Kaos’s minions four years ago, stood in front of him after another victory. Eon saw him worthy of being a Skylander; all he had to do was ask him. When he did ask him, Lupus asked for an explanation on what that was. When Eon told him everything, he finally answered that question stuck in his head and said yes. To him, he now finally found a place where he could call home.

-Good sword arm.
-Can control his power without any colleteral damage
-Knows Hand To hand Combat

-Can Tire out quickly
-Doesn't know much defense abilities
-Is headstrong at times

Theme: Dirt and Roses- Rise Against

For all those people that like to Critique, any advice?


October 19th, 2019, 11:43 pm


Viewer's Thoughts


October 14th, 2012, 10:43 pm


I love the sprite, nice story, too. Nice job Frost~

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