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Cover Contest

19 Oct 2016 02:55 am

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Creator's Comments


19 Oct 2016 02:59 am


Well, we needed a new chapter anyways. So yeah! Here's the links I've promised you guys:

Forum Thread: Site Redesign Teaser
Forum Thread: New: Tags, Cover Images
Reidy Sprites
Reidy Art

That should be enough to get you guys started; I'm not giving you more in the interest of seeing what you guys can come up with on your own. Although, if you need sprites or reference material from any of the authors here for your idea, you can probably just send them a PM to ask them.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

EDIT: You might notice that I didn't specify anything about (not) working together. That's because, as this is a showcase, it's actually encouraged! If, instead of competing against other people, you guys all just want to work together and make one image to be our cover page, I'll allow that as well. This is a group showcase! Get creative, and have fun! Feel free to ask for help! Do WHATEVER YOU NEED TO DO to make the best cover page you can! ...unless it breaks site/showcase rules, like stealing other peoples' work or making NSFW stuff, in which case don't do that please


28 Oct 2016 07:09 am


Viewer's Thoughts

Royle McCulloch,

19 Oct 2016 03:01 am


Is there any general look we'd be going for here? Or shall we just simply have at it as we please?


19 Oct 2016 03:05 am


@Royle McCulloch- Honestly, do whatever you want, as long as it feels "Reidy and Friends'-esque". And I have no idea what that means, so honestly, go nuts.


20 Oct 2016 01:14 am


does anyone here remember me o.o

Royle McCulloch,

20 Oct 2016 02:38 am


@Blitzn'Burst: Cause of that avatar of yours. Yes.

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